AND maintenance PROCESSES.

IT’S ALL ABOUT KNOWLEDGE, ISN’T IT? DataXpert helps you ….

…to acquire process and maintenance knowledge from your production sites
…to build up your company-specific knowledge hub
….to transfer acquired process knowledge from one site to others
…to compare knowledge of machines, plants and factories among each other
…to avoid a loss of knowledge over decades
…to provide added value and optimize your processes in the right way

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How to proceed?


  • Aggregate data from all production facilities – including disparate systems such as industrial databases, PLCs, or IOT enabled sensors. Proprietary protocols and open standards such as OPC-UA are supported.
  • Store data on the edge or transfer it to your isolated cloud space.
  • Provide high performance visualizations and analyses through high-speed storage at up to 5 million process tags per second.
  • Easily query your data with predefined operations and RESTful web services.


  • Zero-code platform to succeed in the digitization of your manufacturing processes.
  • Build intuitive rule-based responses to process and user-based signals with a drag-and-drop based tool. Capture process knowledge without programming skills in a simple graphical user interface. Transfer knowledge directly from anyone on your team.
  • Develop rules based on real-time or historical data, individual samples or batches.
  • Collect, store and share process and maintenance knowledge of your processes and equipment amongst individuals, teams and large-scale operations.
  • Reliably execute time and event-based business logic directly on the edge (at the operational site) or in the cloud (securely hosted and maintained).
  • Integrate machine learning algorithms from AIXpert or as R or Python scripts.

3 Apply machine learning – intuitively and without advanced knowledge

  • Use machine learning without advanced knowledge or specialized skills. Intuitively train your own models for process predictions or predictive maintenance.
  • Apply pattern recognition and anomaly detection to your data for detection of emerging equipment failures.
  • Achieve reliable predictions using the latest advances in RNN, LSTM and more.
  • Let AIXpert choose the best algorithms, models or combinations thereof, depending on the nature of problems or use cases (AutoML and Meta Learning).
  • Integrate AI models directly into RulesXpert using real-time and historical data.
  • Use AI models on the Edge with Runtime RulesXpert or in the Cloud.


  • Build visualizations and dashboards to present information in an intuitive web-based tool. No coding skills required!
  • Follow-up on processes and equipment from any compatible web browser. Dashboards are available securely via a web-based user interface.
  • Use multiple individualized widgets to explore feedback or perform analysis on the spot directly from available production data.
  • Manage access rights throughout your enterprise to all your dashboards.

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« Our production employees are able to create their own dashboards without programming skills, share them with colleagues, generate new business logics or trigger their own warnings and alarms. This makes digitalisation valuable for everyone. »

« Existing process models are the result of many years of experience of our process engineers. They are not to be replaced. In order to integrate new data-driven approaches, our process engineers can now independently and intuitively train their own AI models. Machine Learning is successfully accepted not as a job killer but as active support for their work. »

« We now trigger our preventive maintenance tasks based on equipment’s real runtime or based on production quantities in order to avoid pre-defined time intervals that traditionally rely on general estimates and averages rather than on actual statistics. »

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